£11,000 income from public toilets in five months

Public toilets in Hawes which will be among those reopening this weekend.

Richmondshire District Council received £11,000 in five months from people paying to use the toilet.

Incoming generation in two district council run services has grown over the last 12 months, a meeting heard this week.

Members of the council’s corporate board heard on Tuesday that income from the kerbside collection of green waste generated £216,000 during the previous financial year – compared to an income target of £212,000.

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And income from charging for the use of public toilets, introduced in November 2017, also raised £11,000 up to the end of March.

Council leader, Councillor Yvonne Peacock said: “These figures are very encouraging and help us to ensure much valued services can continue to be provided by the council.

“Charging for services is never going to be popular but we are doing our very best to ensure prices remain reasonable and affordable – as well as providing good value for our residents and visitors.

“The income is used to help pay for these essential services during a period when local government is under significant financial pressure.”