16 free dog poo bag dispensers installed thanks to sponsorship from local firms

The campaign to clear Richmondshire of dog fouling has taken a step forward.

Dog owners can now access free dog poo bags at 16 dispensers across the district.

They have been installed at popular dog walking routes  in Richmond, Catterick, Colburn, Hawes, Reeth, Scorton, Leyburn and Brough St Giles.

The biodegradable bags are supplied by Tikspac UK and sponsored by three local businesses – The Raw Store, Graculus Sculptures and Centrebarks.

The locations include:

  • Peppermint/Forest Drive in Colburn
  • Gough Road, Catterick Garrison
  • The town centre car park in Hawes
  • Gilling Road in Richmond
  • The Station, Richmond
  • Railway Street and Commercial Square in Leyburn
  • Easby Car Park

More information on locations can also found on the Richmondshire Dog Warden Facebook page.

“These stations have already proved popular in other parts of the country so we are delighted businesses here are supporting them – and helping to keep our streets and parks clear of dog mess,” said Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Ian Threlfall.

“They provide free bags for those pet owners that need encouragement to use them.  Most dog walkers realise the importance of picking up after their pets, but there are still some that give them all a bad name.”



  1. Most sensible dog owners carry poo bags, I certainly do! It’s more bins which are needed. if people have to carry poo bags too far they tend to dump them. This is the issue not free poo bags.

  2. I think it an excellent idea. The 18 acres in Catterick Village at the end of Swale Lane could be doing with a poo bag station. There is a bin there, the bags are
    Left hanging from trees and there is a lot of dog excrement on the walks where people have not picked up.

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