£16m garden centre development planned at Scotch Corner

An artist's impression of the proposed garden centre.

Plans have been submitted for a new £16m garden centre at Scotch Corner.

The outlet would be built next to the Scotch Corner Designer Village, which has already been granted planning permission.

It would be operated by Blue Diamond Garden Centres, which already has 30 outlets across the UK and Channel Islands.

The garden centre would have 14,775 of floorspace and would include indoor and outdoor sales areas, as well as a cafe, restaurant and car park.

The applicants say they believe it would create 180 full and part-time jobs.

Documents submitted with the plans state: “The developments will create a wide range of employment opportunities including management roles, sales consultants, stockroom and warehouse staff, and office-based roles.

“The development will be operated by a well-established and high quality national retailer that can be expected to provide good quality training and development for staff.”

It adds: “The proposed development will deliver enhanced consumer choice to residents of Richmondshire and the surrounding area.

“The scheme will make an efficient use of an important site, in a location which has long been identified as being suitable for major development, and which is close to a consented new retail destination.

Importantly, the application scheme will deliver positive benefits and will create significant new employment opportunities. No significant adverse impacts of this scheme are anticipated.”


The location of the proposed development.

The application has been submitted to Richmondshire District Council by the people behind the designer village.

Scotch Corner Designer Village is due to open in 2023, Scotch Corner Richmond LLP, the developers behind the scheme, said in August.

The scheme was initially due to be completed by summer 2020, however this was later moved back to the autumn of 2021.

The complex will feature up to 92 shops, as well as ten restaurants and cafes.

For more details on the garden centre plans click here.


  1. Hi i am disgusted to see a multi national garden centre trying to move in to your area Ok they say it will provide 180 jobs rubbish it will run all the local small plant nurseries out of business probably 200 + jobs lost ,We all know what out of town shopping centres do to town centres they kill them , i have a family garden centre i provide a living for 3 families 5 full time and there children help out ,I also provide for several other family business as well surporting our local comunity 24/7 .We have no time for these type of shops its not a nursery that grow plants from cuttings and seed its purely to get there coffee shops and selling clothes etc and buying 100% from holland all there plants , Terry maynard

  2. Will this be more expensive tat in the form of endless racks of consumer goods & the usual overpriced tasteless cafe, selling designer food, rather than a dedicated team promoting & educating the general public about reducing the carbon footprint through thoughtful gardening? Has this company undertaken any market research into local nurseries & existing small horticulturalist businesses, already operating in the area, providing excellent services & products to customers?

    • We in Wensleydale have an excellent garden centre in leyburn, and another at Leeming Bar. We ont want them threatened by some flashy outlet who buy plants in. Buy plants that are grown locally, and suit local conditions.

  3. I am saddened that yet another multi national company is going to be allowed into our area at the expense of all the small local businesses. Garden centres, nurseries, cafes, clothing shops to name a few will be affected in an already struggling market. How can any small business compete. Richmond is dying and full of charity shops, this will be the nail in the coffin.

  4. Totally agree with you. Lots of smaller garden centres within 10 miles of this. What are councils thinking of. Out of town equals traffic congestion and especially wher this is planned and devastation to small towns that are already empty nearby.

  5. My wife and I live in Darlington and are regular visitors to Whitegates Nursery at West Rounton located in a lovely rural setting. Whitegates is a family run business providing top quality plants at competitive rates. There is also a lovely restaurant and all staff are very friendly. We wouldn’t be tempted at all by this new development.

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