180 people sign petition to save Richmond garden

Gasholder Garden in Richmond. Photo: Guy Carpenter.

180 people have signed a petition to save a council-owned garden in Richmond.

The petition was started by resident Nicholas Reckert following a Richmondshire District Council notice advising that they intended to sell a piece of land known as Gasholder Garden, near the Foss waterfall.

The petition states: “It is a quiet and peaceful area which is rarely visited by the public because it is un-signposted and has become shabby as a result of the council’s benign neglect.

“A small notice of the council’s intent appeared in the Darlington and Stockton Times on 26 May and 2 June, but this move has otherwise been pretty much under the radar.

“Such creeping development threatens the integrity of Richmond’s open spaces and Richmond’s Conservation Area.

“It would bring yet more vehicular traffic to the steep and narrow approach roads, and cause chaos as motorists discover that the tiny car-park is already full.”

Many of those who signed the petition have left a comment.

Elizabeth Foster, from Richmond said: “The open spaces within the town significantly contribute to the appeal of Richmond as a place to visit and a town in which to live.

“We have ample cafes in and around the Market Place.

“This little garden should be retained so that it continues to do what it already does so well: providing tranquility that complements the existing natural features of the falls and the river.”

Richmondshire District Council said the petition and other responses received have been prompted by a “Section 123” Notice which we are required to issue prior to disposing of any amenity land.

A spokeswoman added: “The specific purpose of this notice is to seek any objections to the proposed disposal.

“We have received a number of objections, including the petition in question, and will consider all such submissions prior to making a final decision.

“The deadline for responses is the 23rd June so we cannot make any further comment until after that date.”

To view the petition click here.

To contact the council about the notice click here.