£1m improvements planned to Richmond’s water supply

Up to £1m is to be spent improving the water supply in Richmond.

Yorkshire Water says it is laying more than a mile of new pipe work and installing state-of-the-art water pumps to improve water pressure and service to residents.

The water company says it is also increasing the capacity of the network in Richmond to ensure it can continue to meet customers’ needs.

The project comes as the amount of water used in the area has significantly increased in recent years.

The demand on the network as more people use their taps and toilets during peak times can lead to pressure surges, which can cause low pressure for other customers.

State of the art pumps will also be installed at Holly Hill water pumping station, which will allow Yorkshire Water to control the flow of the water to customers’ homes and minimise low pressure problems.

The final stage of the works will include a mains replacement on Slee Gill, which the company said would add resilience to the network and reduce the likelihood of future leaks or bursts.

Works are due to be completed in summer 2022.

Joe Hands, head of water distribution at Yorkshire Water, said: “The investment we’re making in Richmond will ensure that the water network is able to continue supplying our customers’ homes for years to come.

“With new housing developments in the area, the amount of water being used has gone up – to make sure we can meet this increase in demand, we’re adding more than a mile of pipework to the local network.

“New pumps and a renewed stretch of main will also mean that the local network is much more resilient going forward.

“We’re working closely with North Yorkshire highways team to ensure minimal disruption whilst we carry out these woks and would like to thank our customers for their patience.”