20 photos taken by officers from North Yorkshire Police

With its rolling countryside, picturesque market towns and grand coastline North Yorkshire is undoubtedly a beautiful place to live, work and visit.

However, it’s when North Yorkshire Police’s officers start their shifts in the early morning or late at night that the beauty of the county can really come into its own.

Here they take a look at some of the best sunrises and sunsets in North Yorkshire through the eyes of their officers.

1. A stunning morning view over the Yorkshire Dales. 

2. Harrogate… famous for spring water, The Stray, Betty’s Tearoom and spectacular skies? 

3. In the words of one of their officers “there are no words” to describe this view from the office.  

4. Even PD Dixon and PD Isla like to catch the sunrise on their early morning walks. 

5. A silhouette of a village on their grand coast, but which one?

6. As the sun sets it’s not just humans who need a welfare check. 

7. Sunrise over the A162 captured by their Roads Policing Group.


8. A fiery orange and purple sky over Northallerton on this particular evening.

9. Just another stunning sunrise over the county.

10. What a view for one of the Neighbourhood Policing teams to come on to duty to. 

11. A wonderful evening sky for rural patrol in North Yorkshire.

 12. Looking across the bay towards Filey one morning with a silhouette of Scarborough’s Grand Hotel in the foreground.  

13. A beautiful night to patrol around Skipton. 

14. A very good morning from Scarborough. 

15. No filter needed for this.

16. Welcome to North Yorkshire, home to the spectacular North York Moors. 

17. An early morning sky over the new HQ in Northallerton. 

18. One of their vans captured in the sunlight on the outskirts of York.

19. Sunset over South Bay in Scarborough. 

20. Lastly, another from Scarborough but what a view for some of the force’s Specials to finish one of their shifts.