2,000 trees planted in Barden

Two thousand sycamore trees have been planted in Barden, near Leyburn, in a joint project between Dalton Farms and the Future Trees Trust.

The fields that were previously used for grazing have been planted with sycamore saplings as part of a broadleaf tree improvement scheme.

The Future Trees Trust says it will monitor the trees and aim to identify trees with improved growth and form.

A spokesperson said: “Planting trees helps to support biodiversity and to lock in carbon which is important in tackling climate change.

“The Future Trees Trust is a charity who aims to promote resilient, healthy and productive forests and woodlands by selecting or genetically improving trees to enhance diversity and resilience to climate change, pests and diseases.

“They have multiple progeny trials throughout the United Kingdom and rely on the generosity of landowners to provide areas for these 25 year research studies.

“Dalton Farms is committed to conservation and improving the environmental impact of farming.”

A further 50,000 trees will be planted this winter across the Hauxwell Estate as part of the Government’s Woodland Creation Scheme.

The following winter will see 45,000 more trees being planted in an ambitious project which is creating 50 hectares of woodland.

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