£200,000 to be spent maintaining reed bed at Wensleydale waste treatment works

The reed beds at Carperby Wastewater Treatment Works.

Yorkshire Water is to spend more than £200,000 on maintenance work to the reed beds at Carperby Wastewater Treatment Works.

Reed beds play an important role in wastewater treatment as they are aquatic plant-based systems that allow bacteria, fungi and algae to digest the waste and clean wastewater before it is returned back to the water environment.

Yorkshire Water has assigned Cema Clayton Consortium and ARM Reedbeds to complete the work on its behalf.

The companies are due to start work Monday, November 25 and work is expected to finish at the end of February 2020.

A footpath near the WwTW and the working area will require a diversion due to the nature of the work and to ensure the safety of walkers, the diversion route will be short and will be signposted.

The diversion route.

Yorkshire Water has assured customers that it will do everything it can to keep disruption to a minimum and complete the scheme as soon as possible.

Mark Allsop, community engagement and customer service advisor at Yorkshire Water, said: “The reed beds play a fantastic part of the wastewater treatment process therefore maintaining them is vital for us, which is why we’re spending £217,000 on this new scheme.

“The scheme is going to have a massive benefit on the now tiring systems and whilst there’s a diversion for walkers in place we’ve done everything we can to minimise it’s effect.”

Water and wastewater services will not be affected during this time, access to customer’s premises will not be required and the company advises customers to ask for identification before letting anyone into their premises.

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  1. Most reed beds just exist and cost nothing. This one already exists too, of course. However ‘refurbishing’ it has to cost a lot, because it then seems a lot has been achieved. It’s no different from building substandard motorway whose surfaces are failing in 18 months – for £1m a mile!

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