£250,000 available to Richmondshire community groups

A grant scheme that has already allocated £300,000 to community and social projects across Richmondshire has got another £250,000 in its pot.

Members of the district council’s corporate board this week allocated the cash to its community investment fund (CIF) which supports new projects and improvement schemes for facilities for local people.

The five growth areas of Colburn, Richmond, Hipswell, Scotton and Leyburn will benefit from £150,000 of the fund with the remainder available across the rest of the district.

Groups can apply for a maximum of £50,000 for their projects.

Set up in 2019, the scheme has so far helped 13 groups and brought in almost £200,000 from external sources as a result.

Those schemes include helping everything from village hall refurbishments, sports club improvements and play area updates to creating a new woodland and a community garden.

Councillors agreed that in order to make the cash go further match funding will be changed – groups will be required to put up to 50% of the total cost in themselves depending on the size of the grant being requested.

“This scheme opens up a funding avenue for local community groups and charities,” said council deputy leader, Councillor Helen Grant.

“It is already very popular and we are seeing a high number of applications so we hope the extra £250,000 will boost the number of projects coming forward.”

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