280 more drivers caught speeding in Richmondshire

A police speed check in Hawes.

A further 280 people were caught speeding in Richmondshire last month, police say.

A total of 1,534 drivers have now been dealt with for breaking speed limits in the area since a crackdown was launched in October last year.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe, from Richmondshire Community Team, said: “Unfortunately, last month our speed detections rose from 77 in February to 280 in March which is very disappointing if I am being honest, however I guess it is good news that we are catching them and hopefully preventing some accidents.

“I can only think with the lighter evenings, there are more motorists out and visiting our beautiful area, so we will continue with this campaign for the foreseeable until motorists finally get the message.

“This is still well down on the first month we started promoting this issue as in October 2023 it was 584, so I am satisfied overall and our total since October 2023 now stands at 1534.

“If we are being totally honest, we will never see no speeding motorists, but if there is a deterrent out there, then I am sure this will help make our roads much safer. ”

Insp Metcalfe said the worst offenders caught and prosecuted in March were a driver clocked doing 39mph in a 30mph on Leyburn Road, Catterick Garrison and another one recording doing 82mph in a 50mph.

Insp Metcalfe added: “As a direct result from surveys and personal contact to me, we have been on patrol at most of the following areas throughout March conducting speed enforcement and will continue to do so (please see some attached photos of the areas we are targeting).

“Since October 2023, I have identified and agreed with residents several locations in the Richmond area, 3 locations at Leyburn, Skeeby, Hudswell, Catterick village/Garrison, Manfield, Eppleby, Stapleton, Dalton On Tees, Melsonby, West/East Witton, Tunstall, Carlton, Cleasby, Scotton, Gilling West, East/West Layton, Redmire, Scorton, Brompton on Swale, Bellerby, Hunton, Middleham, Hawes, Grinton, Askrigg, Reeth, Aysgarth, Harmby, Patrick Brompton villages, plus the Newbiggin area near to the Street Head Inn.

“There are even more locations that our safety camera vans will be appearing at on the main roads, so my message to anyone coming to our beautiful and very fine county of Richmondshire is, if you speed, you are now much more likely to be caught and prosecuted.”


  1. Let me assure you nobody has been to Askrigg.
    Still the same old race track.
    I saw 2 police Today in Hawes on a Very wet cold Half closing Day.
    What a utter waste of police time.

  2. If the 20 MPH speed limits are brought in to force the police will stand to make even more money.

    Looks like it maybe more sense to leave them as they are now as it looks like there’s quite a few drivers out there not managing to getting down to 30 MPH never mind 20 MPH

  3. Great work but there are still plenty of idiots speeding through Bellerby without a thought for the residents and children they are endangering .

  4. Time to move the emphasis to Illegal and Inconsiderate Parking of Road Vehicles throughout the Dales, Vehicles being Double Parked, on Bends & Junctions, contravening prohibitive Road Markings and Signage and worst of all the whole vehicle Parked on the Pavement preventing Mobility Access forcing those with Mobility or Child Transport Aids onto the Highway, an accident waiting to happen, get it sorted with the incentive it’s a legal Revenue Generating Stream against the perpetrators

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