47,000 North Yorkshire residents yet to come forward for Covid vaccine

Around 47,000 eligible patients in North Yorkshire have yet to come forward for their first coronavirus vaccine, an NHS official has said.

Amanda Bloor, chief accountable officer of NHS North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group, told a briefing today the figure equated to 11.5% of the county’s over-50 population and that work was underway to reach reluctant and hard-to-contact individuals.

She added the health service wanted to get the “maximum coverage possible” before moving to phase two of the rollout which covers the rest of the adult population.

“The message is really clear – there is a Covid vaccine for everyone across North Yorkshire and York,” she told the North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum briefing.

“It is really important that we reach as many people as possible. We want the best coverage of vaccination across the population to make sure we can move forward safely.”

Ms Bloor said the 47,000 figure included people who have not responded to requests to book an appointment but also those whose invitation was in the post.

She added there would be a focus on reaching any missed social care workers, those who can not afford to travel and homeless people, as well as eastern European and traveller communities.

There are also talks being held with Mosque leaders over how the rollout can continue during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Ms Bloor added: “We encourage everyone who is invited to come forward for a vaccination to take up that offer, to protect not just themselves, but their wider communities, families and loved ones.

“Anyone who had an invitation and chose at that time not to come forward can now get that vaccination. You can do that by contacting your GP practice or the national booking line either on the NHS website or 119 phone number.”

More than 410,000 people in North Yorkshire have now received their first dose of a Covid vaccine and 48,000 their second.

It is the government’s aim to offer a first dose to everyone aged over 50 by the end of April, and to all adults by the end of July.

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  1. Why should you have to travel miles to get the vacation. because they were going to see me to
    Manchester. So why can’t
    We carnt go to Leyburn or Richmond.thats why I have not had my first Japanese
    When I ring a gain they we’re sending me to York.so iam not ringing any more.

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