Warden call equipment to be upgraded

A £180,000 scheme to upgrade the warden call equipment in seven sheltered housing schemes in Richmondshire is underway.

Richmondshire District Council is replacing old analogue systems with state of the art digital equipment, giving residents easy access to emergency help.

The equipment can be used to raise a call for help in an emergency situations – residents simply pull a cord, press a button or activate a pendant to summon help.

The equipment is connected to the council’s call centre, Ryecare, which is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call centre staff can then arrange the right response – call a family member, warden or the emergency services.

“This state of the art equipment provides continuous peace of mind to residents and their family members and ensures our sheltered housing schemes are future proofed,” said council spokesperson Councillor Philip Wicks.

“The analogue system now in operation will be defunct by 2025 but we are taking action early to make sure our systems continue to allow residents to live independently in their own homes.”

The upgrade has already been completed at Thornborough Hall Gardens in Leyburn and contractors are on site at Noels Court in Catterick Village.

The remaining work St Cuthbert’s Green, Barton; St Edmund’s Close, Brompton on Swale; Oak Tree Court, Colburn; Quaker Close, Reeth; and Queens Court, Richmond will be completed by the end of March.

The work has is being undertaken by Secureshield.