486 motorists caught speeding in Richmondshire in a month

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Police say 486 motorists were caught speeding in Richmondshire in a month.

North Yorkshire Police’ Richmondshire neighbourhood officers say they have also issued numerous warnings depending on the level of speed over the maximum limit.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe said: “The worst offender was clocked doing 53mph in a 30mph which is clearly totally unacceptable and there have been many more offenders that will now be making an appearance before a magistrates court.

“Hopefully, you, as residents will see it as good news as we have responded to your concerns and will continue to do so.

“As a direct result from surveys and personal contact to me, we have been on patrol at most of the following areas throughout October conducting speed enforcement.

“Please be reassured that this will continue long term, if this is what you as residents want? We will never fully stop speeding motorists, but at least now, there is some deterrent there.”

Insp Metcalfe added: “Over the last month, I have identified and agreed with residents, several locations in the Richmond area, 3 locations at Leyburn,  Hudswell, Catterick, Manfield, Eppleby, West/East Witton, Cleasby, Scotton, Gilling West, Melsonby, Middleham, East Layton, Scorton, Brompton on Swale, Bellerby, Hunton, Tunstall, Hawes, Grinton, Askrigg, Reeth, Aysgarth, Harmby villages, plus Catterick Garrison and Newbiggin (B6160) as areas to target.

“There are even more locations that our Safety Camera Vans will be appearing at on the main roads, so my message to anyone coming to our beautiful and very fine County of Richmondshire is, if you speed, you are now much more likely to be caught and prosecuted for it.

“Depending on the level of speed, you may be offered a Speed Awareness Course or a roadside warning. To clarify, these are simply locations that my community team will target whilst on patrol at random times, so it is an extra level of service being provided to what you have been used to.

“I will not be adding any more areas to my teams list at this time as it is already very long, but I will review this list over time. If you have any concerns in relation to speeding in your area, it is very important that you report it via the link below.

“This is because they look at the bigger picture, such as warning signs, safety camera van placements, strips across the road to monitor speed etc. Please be aware there is a long list they are working through, so there will be a delay in them responding to you.”