£50 council tax discount to be allocated from Covid-19 hardship fund

Richmondshire council taxpayers could be in line for a £50 discount.

Working age customers already entitled to council tax reduction are eligible for the money through the district council’s Covid-19 hardship fund,

Councillors have decided to allocate £65,000 in Covid-19 Government funding for 2021/22 to the scheme.

The cash was allocated to the authority to support council taxpayers that have suffered financially as a result of the implications of the pandemic.

Those entitled to this payment will receive a revised council tax bill shortly.

The payment will be shown on the bill as council tax additional award working age.

Officials say that any accounts placed in credit after this award has been made will have the overpayment refunded to the taxpayer.

This is a cash limited fund which will close once the funding has been spent.


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  1. Those on benefits seem to get everything,I work and got covid and received only statutory sick pay. No benefits, so no covid grant and no council tax reduction ,better not off working. But still got a family to look after .

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