50 words from all Richmondshire’s county council election candidates

Twenty nine candidates will vie for six seats in Richmondshire a the North Yorkshire County Council elections on Thursday
The Green Party, Labour and the Conservatives have a candidate contesting each division.

The Lib Dems have candidates in all but the Upper Dales contest.

There are five independents standing, including Stuart Parsons, Helen Grant and John Blackie who were all elected as county councillors last time around, and one UKIP.

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There will be at least two new county councillors when the results are in, with Middle Dales Tory county councillor Roger Harrison-Topham standing down this time.

Standing for the Conservatives instead is Richmondshire district councillor Karin Sedgwick.

The death of Michael Heseltine, long-standing councillor for Richmondshire North, means this division will also have a new representative.

The new Tory candidate is Richmondshire councillor Angus Thompson.

In the Upper Dales, former Richmondshire District Council leader John Blackie will take on the current district council leader Yvonne Peacock.

Among the candidates trying to unseat Conservative county council leader Carl Les in the Catterick Bridge division is Richmondshire district independent councillor Angie Dale and former district councillor Jane Parlour, who is standing for the Lib Dems. We asked all the candidates why they should get your vote. This is what they said:

Catterick Bridge

Angie Dale – Independent

I am an Independent hard-working, proactive not reactive candidate who works tirelessly within the community. With a proven track record at getting things done. A vote for Angie Dale makes sense. I have already made significant contributions within Richmondshire and Colburn councils at all levels. I have done this under my own steam and have never been directed by any political party. I am here to represent you.

Dave Dalton – Green Party

I am standing in Catterick Bridge. I have been a candidate in every district and county council election since 2009. I’m retired, married with two grown up sons, and I live in Richmond. I volunteer at The Station in Richmond, and I have just become a volunteer at the library. When I’m not doing a volunteer shift, I ride my bike, garden, and write letters to the D&S.

Carl Les – Conservative

I lived in a village six miles south of the Catterick area so I know the issues our communities face. I worked in a family hotel / retail business so I know how to listen to customers and work hard to please them. I’ve done this now for 20 years for the Catterick Bridge communities. Please let me carry on working for you.

Gill Page – Labour

I’ve not got a political background but I joined Labour because I believe in its vision for a fairer society. Catterick Bridge, North Yorkshire and the country as a whole need change, a fresh viewpoint and representatives that listen to local people. I’d be proud to work with and for the local community.

Jane Parlour – Liberal Democrat

I have farmed in the area for over 30 years – I started when I was very young. I was a district councillor for over 20 years and have a proud record of working for and supporting the community including being a school governor. I have done all this while raising four children. To top it all I proved my worth by winning the BBC’s Weakest Link!

Central Richmondshire

Ian Davidson – Labour

I am a first time candidate who has worked as a Samaritan in Harrogate and managed and been club secretary for Ilkley Juniors Football Club. I moved to Swaledale four years ago and now want to bring my business experience to help represent the voters of Central Richmond

Helen Grant – Independent

I don’t have to do what a party tells me to do – I speak for you. Unlike other candidates you can check my record. I’m not promising to do something in the future like sending you newsletters – I already do. A vote for me guarantees that your voice will be heard.

Lawrence Grose – Conservative

Having lived locally with my family for many years I know our area and its needs well. Whether it be our improving local roads, supporting our excellent schools or protecting our green spaces, I’ll fight to get the best possible deal for Scotton, Hipswell, Colburn & St Martins.

Rupert Hildyard – Green

I am a university lecturer and in my spare time run a small herd of British white cattle. I have lived at Colburn for over 20 years on a farm owned by my family for many years and also helped to run the local pub in the village until recently. I am married with three more or less grown up children and one excellent small granddaughter.

Dave Robertson – UKIP

This year councillors voted an increase in their allowances, yet have cut some 900 jobs and local services. UKIP believe that councils should cut highly paid council executives, not front-line staff and services, council tax should be as low as possible whilst protecting essential services and local homes should be for local people and veterans first.

Martin Smith – Independent

I will campaign for an independent review of the shambolic road works at White Shops. I will campaign for more small to medium size industrial units to be built at Catterick to help stimulate the local economy and help create jobs, and I will work to protect local services.

Benedicte Windle – Liberal Democrat

I have lived in North Yorkshire for over 35 years. I run my own small business in rural North Yorkshire so I understand the issues for local people over transport, education and broadband connectivity. I am standing for the Liberal Democrats because I feel that the area needs a new voice to represent the people.

Middle Dales

Owain Gardner – Labour Party

A musician and an historian, I have an unwavering belief in the people of Middle Dales. Only by forging links can areas like ours grow, indeed there is a huge need for young people, our ward’s future, to be heard. I am steadfastly committed to local people and the Middle Dales.

Lisle Ryder – Green Party

I am standing for the Green Party in Middle Dales. Concerned to protect our beautiful environment, I am active in the Newton-le-Willows Climate Change Group. In November 2015 I chaired a Green Party public meeting in Richmond on fracking being opposed in principle. I am keen to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and the reduction of waste.

Karin Sedgwick – Conservative

As a local resident I understand the important health and well-being issues that affect everyone. I have a proven track record working with the community and I think it is important for you all to be represented by the right person who will do a great job on your behalf .

Philip Wicks – Liberal Democrat

I moved to Richmond in 2003 to run the Castle Hill Bookshop with my wife Anne. I am a past chair of the Richmond Business & Tourism Association and helped to start the Richmond Walking & Book Festival. I am chair of Catterick, Richmond and Colburn Community Libraries (CRACCL), the volunteer group which has taken over the management of three libraries from North Yorkshire County Council.


Ann Brewer – Labour Party

A former midwife and trade union branch secretary, I am more than able to fight for my community. I believe in working with people to gain positive outcomes. As a Richmond resident I am focussed entirely on my home town. I would make sure that Richmond was properly represented on NYCC.

Louise Dickens – Conservative

As a local lass I’m very passionate about our town and want to see it succeed. I’ll hold the council to account and make sure your voice is heard. A vote for me is a vote for someone who will listen to local people and stand up for Richmond.

Anna Jackson – Green Party

I am standing for the Green Party in Richmond, where I have lived for 18 years. I am especially concerned about the damage to health and environment from road traffic and strongly support the need for investment in public transport and railways.

Philip Knowles – Liberal Democrat

I have lived in Richmondshire all my life. I went to Richmond School (not the High School which disappeared in the 70s!) A chartered marketer and college lecturer, I am currently leading the Explore the Magic of Richmond initiative which is encouraging businesses to work together to better serve both residents and visitors.

Stuart Parsons – Independent

I am heavily involved in the local community. I manage the volunteer-led Tourist Information Centre within the Library, I drive the Little White Bus, as well as being a member of the Richmondshire Landscape Trust (ROSA) and of the Richmond School Trust. People know that I work hard on their behalf and also work hard with them resolving their concerns.

Richmondshire North
Andrew Atkins – Liberal Democrat

I have lived in the area for over 25 years. My wife and I run two local businesses and have two grown up girls. I served on the executive and board of the Darlington Partnership and volunteer on local bodies to improve employment and economic activities. I was previously a product manager for Pot Noodle.

Leslie Rowe – Green Party

I have been the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Richmond in the last three general elections. I have also stood in every district and county council election since 2005. I served as a parish councillor in Brompton-on-Swale up to 2012, as it is where I live with my wife Ann and our three sons. I sang in the much acclaimed “Refrain” at Richmond Castle, play the Japanese Taiko drum and I am a regular swimmer at Richmond pool.

Ken Smith – Labour Party

I have been a trade union activist for over 25 years and as such I have always had a passion for helping and supporting people in the workplace. I now want to take that experience and passion in to the Community, to provide a service to the people of North Richmondshire.

Angus Thompson – Conservative
I am asking the electorate to vote for me because I will give strong representation for the division with Conservative values of delivering value for money and making our beautiful county a more prosperous place to live. I will strive to make the environment greener and safer, especially with the new initiative with the police to enforce speed limits in villages.

Upper Dales
John Blackie – Independent

I have an outstanding track record of key achievements for Upper Dales communities, my success based on always standing up to be counted for them. I have the necessary experience to fight to address the threats to our 24/7 A&E health provision, our small primary schools, and the loss of young families through the lack of affordable housing.

Robbie Kelly – Green

I am standing for the Green Party in the Upper Dales, where I stood in 2013 and 2009; I also stood for Reeth and Arkengarthdale in the 2015 district council election. I am a copy editor, married with a son and daughter, and I have lived in Arkengarthdale since 2006.

Yvonne Peacock – Conservative

I have lived in the Dales all my life. It’s been a great place to raise my family and run a business and I’m keen to make it even better. From affordable housing to well maintained roads and from healthcare access to good local schools – I’ll work hard to bring the council’s resources to our area.

Brian Pocknee – Labour Party

I live and work in the rural environment, and understand the health, housing, transport, working and social care issues within the Upper Dales area. I have been involved as a staff representative in both public and private sectors and understand that negotiating on behalf of others involves pragmatism but still remaining true to your beliefs.