More than £500 raised to help red squirrels from sales of artwork

Stacey working on her piece, Yorkshire’s Redheaded Wonder.

Wildlife artist Stacey Moore has donated more than £500 to red squirrel conservation efforts in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, following strong sales of her print, Yorkshire’s Redheaded Wonder.

Stacey created the coloured pencil drawing last autumn and promised to donate 10 per cent the sales profits.

With the Wonder flying off the walls at her studio and shop on Main Street in Hawes, she has been able to give £528.50.

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Stacey said: “I’m so proud to call the Yorkshire Dales my home.  With stunning landscapes, vibrant communities and a vast array of animals, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“Working in coloured pencils allows me to draw these animals in detail and capture their characters – and red squirrels are a firm favourite.

“It is so nice to have a positive contribution come from the creation of my artwork.  I hope that the funds raised so far and in the future will help the red squirrel conservation effort for generations to come. ”

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Member Champion for the Natural Environment, Ian McPherson, said:  “The Wonder is a fine piece of work from a young, local artist and it is no surprise that it has done well.

“I’d like to thank Stacey for raising awareness of the spirit-lifting wildlife that we have in the Park – and not only that, for actively contributing towards conservation work.

“We’ll use her donation to help maintain the red squirrel viewpoint in Snaizeholme – which is where Stacey saw the ‘Wonder’.  Red squirrel conservation needs public support, so it is vital that we provide a place where people can go to see these cherished little animals.”

Stacey Moore with her original drawing.

Red squirrels have a “vulnerable” conservation status in the UK.  Thankfully, their populations in the Yorkshire Dales National Park are stable.

The red squirrels in the Hawes area have spread naturally from Cumbria and have not been re-introduced.

The Snaizeholme red squirrel viewing area lies in the heart of the Widdale Red Squirrel Reserve. See more details here.

You can purchase the print online at or pop in to Stacey’s studio and shop in Hawes to have a look.