600 service personnel to take part in Bismarck Challenge at Catterick

Teams line up at the start point before a previous Bismarck Challenge.

Regimental pride will be at stake when soldiers race against each other in the Bismarck Challenge, an endurance event being held on Catterick Training Area.

Over 150 teams comprising of 600 service personnel from across the Army will gather at the training area, all with the aim of lifting the winning trophy.

The military endurance event will see four-person teams completing a four-mile, off-road undulating route as a team. Each team will carry 40kg distributed across the team of equipment, excluding water.

Trying to win the overall winner’s trophy for the third time will be the Catterick-based Light Dragoons who will have ten teams in the competition.

SSgt (SSI) Podmore from the Light Dragoons said: “This is a popular competition amongst our Regiment. We have won for the past two years so we are hopeful that our teams will bring the trophy home for the third year in a row.

The infantry and the Royal Armoured Corps are used to loaded marches. As part of their Role Fitness Test, they must tab 4km whilst carrying 40kgs within 50-minutes followed by a further 2km with 25kgs in 15 minutes.

The event is organised and run by 4 Light Brigade Combat Team & Headquarters North East on behalf of 1st  (UK) Division. It is one of eight Brigades that form the Division.

Event lead, SSgt (SSI) Duncan said: “Despite the Army’s busy forecast of events it’s been great to see so many entries in this prestigious event.

“Historically being ran in Strensall, the new venue brings a whole new challenge on the Catterick terrain.

“Second to this, we are really testing their team ethos and ability to work as a unit with the requirement to remain as a team of four throughout. With live music, media props and much more, we really hope the event feels like the fitness festival we set out to achieve.”