650 people back Richmondshire cycle lane proposal

The road between Richmond and Brompton-on-Swale.

More than 650 residents have backed a campaign to create a six-mile cycle lane to encourage people to ride to their jobs and to schools.

The call follows numerous attempts over many years to establish a safe route for bikes along the B6271 from Scorton and Brompton-on-Swale to Richmond, most of which have been thwarted by a lack of funds, according to the leader of the Green Party and Independent group on Richmondshire District Council, Councillor Leslie Rowe.

He pressed the authority to push for more cycle lanes at a meeting in December, but the motion was rejected.

However, Cllr Rowe said with the Government recently announcing £2 billion in funding for councils to create more cycle paths alongside a petition with more than 650 signatures behind the B6271 cycle lane, he was optimistic about receiving support for the route from the council at a meeting of the authority next week.

Cllr Rowe said: “For the sake of our health, we desperately need an alternative to motorised transport.

“All too often, the very small amount of money that NYCC allocate for cycle lanes is spent in bigger towns like Harrogate. It’s time that rural communities got a slice of this much bigger pie.”

“Local councils have now been ordered by the Government to reallocate road space for a significantly-increased numbers of cyclists and pedestrians, as part of post-pandemic planning for social distancing.”

The petition asks highways authority North Yorkshire County Council and the district council as the planning authority to work together on the route.

The county council is set to receive £1.1 million from the government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund, which the authority’s access cabinet member, Councillor Don Mackenzie said was likely to “see an emphasis on schemes identified through our local walking and cycling infrastructure plans”.

However, Cllr Rowe claimed a recent meeting of Brompton on Swale Parish Council saw the county council’s leader and Catterick Bridge division councillor Carl Les back the call for the cycle lane.

“Time will tell whether Councillor Les will make good on his promise,” said Cllr Rowe, who is also calling for the footpath from Catterick village to Brompton on Swale to be upgraded for cycling.

In response, Cllr Les said his promise to the parish council had been to support the submission of Cllr Rowe’s petition.

Cllr Les said: “Cllr Rowe seems to think I should wave a magic wand and benefit my area over all others. He might think that`s the way councils should work, but I don’t.

“All proposals need to be evaluated to get the best return for the taxpayer, usually the council taxpayers, but in this case national taxpayers.

“It seems a good idea, but as I said at the meeting, we have already had indications of proposals costing over £53 million for a £1 million pot. We are putting the schemes to user groups for them to say where the routes should be.”


  1. If it’s anything like the cycle lanes in the Garrison they won’t be used !

  2. Need you ask!!!! its the “Bike races make millions” man again (has anybody seen any of it as he has ignored requests to justify the statement) but this time with Loony Tunes backing. Only 600 showed any interest or 1.2% Mr L> Rowe, does that not tell you something!!!(How many were from Darlington Cycle Club) Does the so called independant Mr L Rowe bother about any other comments or facts in his desperate rush to spend ratepayers money. (FUNDING IS NOT FREE YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY A PERCENTAGE)
    Once again RDC and Parish Council the FACTS!!! this rural route is a major commercial and farm vehicle road and carries very heavy traffic at speed most of the day and night. Anybody stupid enough to allow schoolchildren along it during rush hour and unlit in winter is as cucoo as the so called responsible representatives. It is not suitable for the vehicles that use it now let alone fairy lanes for semi professional club speed bikers that use it

  3. cycle paths/lanes are needed all through the Dales as cycling is very hazardous with the fast traffic and bends. I used to love cycling but am too scared to do so now.

  4. I am sure Richmond will do very well but as for the rest of Richmondshire we won’t get a look in. Leyburn? Hawes? Reeth? never heard of them

  5. What about the Northallerton road up to the Easby from Richmond to create a cycle path as traffic is very fast along there and then can ride along to Easby and back to Richmond or cycle path to the garrison …

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