72 motorists checked in Bellerby – and nobody was speeding

Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

Police say they checked the speed of 72 drivers in Bellerby this week and none were breaking the law.

Officers with a speed gun were in the village on Monday as part of a neighbourhood policing week of action.

A spokesperson for the North Yorkshire Police said: “Our local team spent some time yesterday checking the speed of drivers travelling through the area, and we are pleased to say that out of 72 cars, vans, buses and HGV’s we have checked, none were breaking the speed limit.

“Keep an eye out for our teams on patrol, we are happy to stop if you need to speak to us about anything.”


  1. Perhaps it would have been prudent to visit the village either from 8am till 9am 4.30 pm until 5.45 pm them 10.pm until 12 (when the village reminisces something out of Croft circuit.
    2.30 on a Monday afternoon is not a true reflection of the speeding issues that the village have.
    Complete waste of time.

  2. Looks like parking a police car in the middle of Bellerby helps slow the traffic down.

    Maybe a permanent cardboard cutout police car would slow things down?

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