75 speeding motorists caught in two days in Wensleydale

A police speed check in Hawes.

Police say they caught 75 speeding motorists in Wensleydale over the weekend.

Local officers were joined by colleagues from the road policing unit to carry out speed checks in the Hawes area.

The checks were carried out on the edge of town on Burtursett Road and on the B6255 towards Ribblehead.

In total, 50 car drivers and 25 motorcyclists were caught driving over the limit.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe said: “The two worst offenders were motorcyclists clocked doing 62mph and 54mph is a 30mph area, which for me is a complete disgrace and extremely dangerous.

“I surely do not have to explain what the consequences are likely to be if a motorcyclist and car are speeding in a 30mph area at those types of speeds.”

However, the officer added: “On a good note, it was very busy so there were hundreds and probably thousands of motorists abiding with the speed limits and using our roads in a safe way, so I personally would like to thank those that drove or rode responsibly and safely.

“We will continue to crack down on speeding and anti-social motorists as the majority of you would like us to and I will shortly be reporting back with our monthly figures when I receive them.”