80s chart toppers to perform at Tan Hill Inn

Big Country. Photo: www.bigcountry.co.uk

Two bands which both had hit singles in the 1980s are to perform at Tan Hill at the weekend.

The Blow Monkeys will appear on Friday night while Big Country will perform on Saturday night.

The gigs are part of a campaign by the pub to encourage bigger bands to perform at smaller venues.

Tan Hill manager Nicola Townsend said: “Over 1,000 pubs going to the wall every year, and with local landlords hardly surviving and having no money to pay live acts, no money for PA or lighting systems, what now for the young up and coming talent?

“The position is truly bleak. The Tan Hill is asking bigger bands to give something back and to play one pub per year live for charity so the money earned can be used for enabling other pubs and clubs to purchase PA systems, lighting and put a little aside to actually host live music once again, and have it formerly re-established in our British culture.”

In the past bands such as British Sea Power, Arctic Monkeys, Scouting for Girls and The Hoosiers have performed at Tan Hill.

Nicola added: “We are known not only for being the highest in Britain but for our passion of live music.

“Since the pub was running under new ownership we have had live music on every Friday and Saturday.

We managed to continue this through the winter months with only one artist not being able to make it due to snow.

“We are now putting our money where our mouths are and hosting a big  music weekend in April.

“Tan Hill will be taking a blow for this but we feel it is a necessary move not only to support our campaign but to bring bigger bands back to their roots.”

For ticket information visit www.skiddle.com