£90 fines for motorists overstaying Richmond Lidl car park limit

Motorists are to face fines of £90 for overstaying the permitted time in the car park at the new Lidl store in Richmond.

A planning application has been submitted for ANPR cameras to be installed in the car to record motorists’ number plates on entry and exit.

Anyone overstaying the limit will face a £90 fine, which will be reduced to £45 if paid within 28 days.

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According to copies of the signs including with the application the limit will be set at 90 minutes.

A similar system was in place when Co-op had the store.

The limit was initially set at two hours’ free parking although it later increased to three following complaints.

The cameras where then removed and parking wardens were used instead.

A number of motorists complained to the supermarket after being issued with fines for overstaying the limit.

These included a charity worker who made frequent visits on the same day which she believed registered as one single trip to the store.

The application is for 13 warning signs and two CCTV cameras.

Documents submitted with the application state: “The siting of the ANPR signage and CCTV cameras will not harm the visual amenity of the area.

“Moreover, it will be in keeping in terms of commercial appearance of the site and scale of the existing car park.”

On a separate issue, the store has been thanked for allowing parking spaces reserved for the carers of dementia sufferers, who are not included in the blue badge scheme.

Dementia friendly spaces have been reserved at the front of the store after a request by Richmond councillors Linda Curran and Clive World.

Over the weekend, Lidl was criticised on social media for posting a sponsored post on Facebook advertising the new Richmond store which included a photo of a different supermarket.

One Facebook user said: “Would have been nice to know that someone in head office had at least some connection with what the Richmond store does look like as it is unique to the usual model.”


  1. The whole store is ghastly. It’s neither particularly cheap or well stocked. There was no tinned cat food the other day! A disappointment all round.

  2. Lidl now showing their true colours. 90 mins is not long enough for the elderly and physically challenged to park, do their shopping and then load up their cars! They will be penalising the customers they should be keenest to attract. Add to this the fact that the heating system is not working and we end up with a typical money-grapping experience for one and all.
    I would suggest a boycott until they extend the parking time to 2 1/2 hours.

    • Definitely 3 hours as was the coop.We have been through all this before we will NOT shop here UNTIL we are offered a reasonable time

    • How is it money grabbing exsperince do you expect them to give their goods away for free

  3. It would be good if the ANPR camera’s also pick up who’s vehicle isn’t taxed or insured not just to catch parking offenders!

  4. So if your fined for overstaying in the car park who benefits from the fine payments? Can’t say I’m surprised it’s an absolute Joke

    If you are parked on private land and get a parking charge notice the first thing to do is contact the company that issued it, explaining why it should be thrown out.
    If you have been caught fair and square then you may want to consider paying, but if you believe that the car park was poorly signed, poorly marked, it was in any way unclear that you were entering into a contract, or that the fine is disproportionate, then you should complain and ask for the fine to be rescinded.
    As we mention above, you could send a letter and a cheque for what you would judge to be a fair amount for parking for that period of time – plus a little extra. Say that you believe this is a fair offer and compensates the business for its loss of parking amenity while you were there.
    If the firm rejects your appeal you then have 28 days to apply to the independent Parking on Private Land Appeals scheme, which is backed by the British Parking Association.
    Alternatively, you could decide not to pay and let the company pursue through the court if it so chooses.
    If the firm is not a member of the BPA it should not be able to obtain your registered details from the DVLA. Gather evidence – such as photos of obscure signage – and then simply sit tight waiting to see if it follows up on the demand. Despite the tough talk, typically with a threat to take you to court, this action costs a firm money and it will be hard to find you. Fewer than one in 20 cases goes to court.
    If the car parking company is a member of the BPA it is signed up to the independent body Parking on Private Land Appeals. Parking firms must pay £27 for every appeal made through this service but it costs you nothing, apart from time preparing for the case. Campaigners such as the National Motorists Action Group, AppealNow and Parking Prankster can offer advice to help you win.
    If Parking on Private Land Appeals does not uphold your complaint its decision is not binding. You can pay up and take the charge on the chin if the parking infringement was your fault, or wait to see if the firm takes you to court.

  6. One and a half hours is LOADS of time in one store for goodness sake!🙄🙄🙄 even I could manage that and I’m a shopaholic………..or so I keep getting told!😱😳😂😂😂

  7. Here we go again. Bringing out the old people card. My god, I agree we should be helping the elderly etc. Goes without saying. But 90 mins is really enough to get around the shop it’s not that big. Just stop lazy buggers parking in there for ease instead of finding a space in town. I really don’t think our leaders in Richmond should be starting a witch hunt and requesting a boycott for heavens sake. Perhaps we should be helping the elderly and indeed the rest of us by putting some toilets in the town. Pathetic

  8. Here we are using the elderly card when it suits. 90 mins is suitable to get around its a small shop. I my myself am not elderly, but my 90 yr old father was was shopped in less than 90 mins at the co-op.

    I’m sure that it can’t be called for, for leaders of Richmond council to put forward a boycott??? More time should be spent on getting loos back in town for the elderly…..

    There are also a lot of idle people who can’t be bothered to find a space in town, as there were when owned by the co-op.

  9. Won’t be getting my custom, when I shop I expect to do it on my terms not some “get em in get em out”outfit who expects you to play Supermarket Sweep and then slap you with a fine if your not quick enough…..no thanks my money will spend anywhere

  10. This is quite normal in the real world, be glad they’ll plenty of spaces if people spend less time there.

  11. Serving a rural community, covered in heart shaped Union Jack stickers as if it supports UK produce, then has shelves full of New Zealand lamb.
    Atmosphere of a scruffy warehouse.
    Now wanting to make money from the parking-who remembers the history and agreements on this site?
    I won’t be returning!

  12. When you can’t find a space to park your car when shopping because it’s being used by non-shoppers at Lidl, the same people who are complaining will complain again.It should be brought into line though with town parking restrictions of 2 hrs

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