A6108 closure will cause “significant inconvenience”, power company admits

Northern Powergrid has admitted its plan to close the A6108 between Richmond and Scotch Corner for more then three months will cause “significant inconvenience”.

However, the company said the closure was the only safe way for it to carry out work that it was required to do.

The statement issued today to Richmondshire Today comes amid criticism over the planned road closure and the lack of consultation.

The road is scheduled to shut from February 7 until mid-May.

Richmond county councillor Stuart Parsons said he had not been notified of the planned road closure in advance of details emerging at the weekend.

“I’m furious — the fact that there has been no consultation is completely unacceptable.

“The imposition of extended diversions shows no consideration for those needing to travel on a regular basis.

“We have had lockdowns when this work, which must have been programmed, would have caused much less of a problem.

“It’s going to mean bus routes changing so pupils will have longer journeys to and from school thus longer days.”

Northern Powergrid confirmed that it was providing a connection to its network for the new designer outlet village at Scotch Corner and also ten new electric vehicle charging points at Scotch Corner Services.

A spokeswoman said: “We are required to provide, when requested, new connections to our power network in a timely manner and this work is being completed in line with our customers required timings and the availability of our resource to carry out the work. We don’t have any information on the developer’s construction programme, only on the timelines we have agreed with them to provide their power connection.

“We carried out an extensive feasibility study before determining the route, and there is no alternative but to excavate along the A6108. This road is very narrow in places, specifically in and around Skeeby, and there are already a lot of other utilities in the ground, which means we have to close the road as there is no other safe way for us to carry out this work.

“We aim to notify local stakeholders and customers of our work as far in advance as possible, which is why we have written to stakeholders and customers a month ahead of the road closure starting in Skeeby on 7 February.

“There is an additional section of work running from our substation located on the A6108 on the Richmond side of Skeeby up to the junction of Mile Planting, which will require two-way traffic lights for four weeks from Monday 17 January.

“We will then proceed from Mile Planting to Zetland Drive, Ronaldshay Drive and Cross Lanes, and we will do all we can to minimise any disruption during this section of work.

“We know the work will cause a significant inconvenience, and we are sorry. Our contractors will do everything possible to minimise disruption, including the use of three teams to deliver the work more quickly and a signposted diversion will be in place.”


  1. Why can’t Northern Powergrid close the road over night each day to enable them to carry out this work at night, then open it up each day with two-way traffic lights in the day time as most of the work should only be involved with one carage-way been dugout and this would keep the traffic moving in the daytime when it is a very very heavily used connection road for workers and HGVs etc to and from the A1 north.

    • Totally agree with your comments. I have spoken to our Dist Council, written to our MP and Powergrid. Just cannot believe this company is able to do this to a main road into Richmond. Skeeby residents must be outraged with the proposed arrangement, as will everyone who makes a daily commute North. Measured the suggested diversion and this will be an extra 7 miles each time, thus 14 miles a day, causing more cost to them, as well as the school buses. There is no doubt people will use the road through GillingWest crossing the A66 to get to the A1. More accidents.

  2. It is past belief that the County Council or the County Councilor has not been consulted regarding this work, I do not believe all ways and means have been considered to provide these services to prevent the disruption and inconvenience to traffic and residents. It would appear little care or consideration has been given. Have underground or overhead routes across country been looked or have these been dismissed because of cost. I suggest that with any powers the Highway Authority may have in this matter and because of the lack of consultation and general concern the whole proposal is delayed and reconsidered by all interested parties. There would appear to be no rush to get the work done by the Design Center.

  3. Why is it necessary to use the highway as the conduit when open farm land could provide a more readily excavated route and only disrupt traffic at road crossing?

    • I totally agree with the comments of J Cooper, or Northern Powergrid could maybe take the shortest route with overhead lines as it is not in the National Park which would not need any road closures which would cause the least disruption and it looks possible there may be a Solar Farm in the nearby Richmond area soon which will stand out much more than the overhead lines to Scotch Corner.

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