A6108 to close between Richmond and Scotch Corner for more than three months

Traffic will be diverted through Catterick Garrison.

The A6108 between Richmond and Scotch Corner is to close for more than three months for electricity network infrastructure work.

The road, which is Richmond’s main connection to the A1(M), is scheduled to shut from February 7 until mid-May.

It will close to through traffic from the electric substation, near Skeeby, to Barracks Bank, near Scotch Corner.

Northern Powergrid says the closure is needed to connect the proposed Scotch Corner Designer Village to its network.

Sue Ferguson, communications and engagement officer for Northern Powergrid, said in an email seen by Richmondahire Today to local businesses: “I wanted to share some information with you about the forthcoming investment work that Northern Powergrid is about to carry out in the area, which will require a closure of the A6108 for a number of weeks between Barracks Bank and our substation located between Skeeby Village and Richmond.

“This work forms part of our commitment to boost network capacity, enable economic development and support decarbonisation measures across our operating region.

“Specifically, it will provide the infrastructure required to connect the proposed Designer Outlet Village to our network, as well as supplying the additional power that Scotch Corner Services requires to install a further ten electric vehicle charging points.

“It will also increase the overall reliability and resilience of the local power network.”

The proposed diversion takes traffic through Catterick Garrison and onto the A1 at the Catterick junction.

Further work will run from mid-January and the end of May.

From Monday, January 17, Northern Powergrid contractor, O’Connor Utilities (OCU), will operate a two-way traffic lights between Skeeby substation (located near the entrance to Dale2Swale glamping) and the junction of Mile Planting while they excavate in the grass verge, footpath and roadway to lay ducting for our new underground cables.

From Monday, February 14 until the end of May, OCU will then continue to dig along the A6108 to the junction of Zetland Drive and then along Ronaldshay Drive to the junction of Cross Lanes/Pilmoor Close.

“Where possible we will be digging in the footpath/grass verge to avoid impacting traffic,” the email added.

“To further reduce disruption, we will then carry out underground ‘directional drilling’ up to our substation located on Cross Lanes opposite the junction of Ronaldshay Close, which means we will not have to dig in the roadway along this section of the route.”

The full road closure will be in place while another contactor, Excalon, digs in the roadway to lay ducting for new underground cables.

The company added: “Two teams will be working to ensure the work is completed as quickly as possible – one starting at Barracks Bank and the other at Skeeby substation.

“Throughout the closure, a signposted diversion will be in place along the A6055/A6136, through Brompton on Swale, Brough with St Giles, Colburn, Catterick Garrison and then along Richmond Road, Longwood Bank and Rimington Avenue to Richmond.

“Please note we are not planning to turn off anyone’s power and it is unlikely we will need access to premises.”

The company said that although the road would be closed to through traffic, it would have traffic marshalls in place to ensure that “round the clock access” was provided for emergency vehicles and gritting teams.

“We will also be operating a permit system to allow our marshalls to grant access for residents who live within the closure.

“We will do all we can to support you in serving the local community during this work.”

To view the diversion plan click here.

Scotch Corner Designer Village was approved by planners in December 2015 but was subject to a public inquiry by Brandon Lewis MP, Secretary of State for Housing and Planning in 2016, which was subsequently also approved.

The development was initially due to open in 2020 but work is yet to start on the site.

Plans have also been submitted for a large home and garden centre next to the site of the proposed shopping complex.


  1. Hello how do I get a pass? Skeeby resident. Do you have a contact number please, thanks

  2. A three month closure is ridiculous as is the diversion plan. If heading South, I’ll go to Brompton on Swale, go past the racecourse then join the A1 there. If heading North I would go through Gilling West then turn right on the A66 to Scotch Corner.

  3. What a joke this is, an un needed designer village to cause disruption for everyone, well thought out yet again, but I suppose there are always roadworks in Skeeby anyway.

  4. I’m wondering why traffic is going to be diverted through Catterick Garrison when it could travel along Maison Dieu and the B6271. Catterick Garrison has enough traffic with long queues at certain times of the day.

  5. It seems the Designer Village is less and less likely to be built. It is certainly not required or wanted. I am annoyed and surprised at the nerve of the Utilities companies to expect to be able to close to public use the A6108 upto Scotch Corner and to offer the long and inconvenient diversion via Carrerick Garrison. I would have expected the Country Council as Highway Authority to have ensured the road would be kept open and the work undertaken in short lengths traffic light controlled which I am sure is not impossible. A leaflet through my letter box is not adequate consultation in view of the proposed disruption and as a Skeeby resident I expect the proposal to reviewed.

  6. Another unnecessary development, feeding greed and causing maximum disruption for all. And what do they get at the end of it? An out of town, over-priced designer village and ‘maybe’ a garden centre. This is typical Tory planning, backing deals for their mates!

  7. Great! So months of disruption for another new shopping and garden centre that many people in Richmond do not want and see no need for. Good for Richmond? Contrast with the solar farm – net environmental gain and positive contribution to climate reduction vs. more concrete, more energy usage and damage to the climate. Come on Richmond, priorities have changed!

  8. And all then NIMBY’s complained about that solar farm, haha i’m sure it would have help the situation. we need more power in richmond asap our infrastructure is starting to crack!

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