A66 reopens after serious accident at Ravensworth

The A66 trans-Pennine route has reopened in both directions after a serious accident near Ravensworth.

It is understood the crash involved a lorry and a car.

The road was closed for more than five hours following the crash.

There were long delays on the road with reports of 3km tailbacks.


  1. Yet again a lorry involved.When our local MP revealed the grand plan to reduce the speed limit to 50 MPH I said it would make no difference as the Lorries would just continue on their limiters at 56 MPH.What is needed is a 40 MPH limit with camera enforcement.I Would suggest average speed cameras as used to great success on the A66 in Cumbria at Kirkby Thore.The cost will easily be recouped in reduction of Collision Costs.The road will not be closed so often and Peoples lives not be ruined.Our Police might have manpower problems but some Speed Enforcement against Lorries might be useful

  2. When will the powers that be finally realise that this road junction needs altering? A 50 mph limit has been imposed on the A66 covering this stretch but no one is enforcing it.

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