Acclaimed play set in North Yorkshire village to be performed in Leyburn

Tickets are still available for an acclaimed play about growing up in a North Yorkshire village to be performed in Leyburn this weekend.

Blackthorn, a debut play by Charley Miles, has already had a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe and has been praised by critics.

The play is described as a contemporary, lyrical love story which powerfully reflects local language and landscapes.

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It tells of the intense bonds that form between the only two children born to a small North Yorkshire village in a generation, and how they twist and strain under the pressure of their

Play author Charley said: “Blackthorn is an artistic reflection of my own childhood: a look at how, and if, we can still belong to the people and places of our past, as we grow and change. The play’s name comes from the Blackthorn plant, which is known for being incredibly difficult to uproot.

“As the characters come of age, their beliefs and expectations change, so the urgent question becomes whether or not their bond can endure.”

The play will be staged at Leyburn Arts and Community Centre on Saturday at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available on the website or on 01969 624510.