Action taken to prevent illegal parking in Hipswell

Stones on the green in Hipswell. Photo: Ann Bell.

Stones placed on the green in Hipswell are needed to stop illegal parking and to stop confrontations between residents, community leaders say.

Hipswell Parish Council has installed the boulders in a bid to tackle long-standing problems with motorists parking on the village green.

The authority said they have had to take action due to the “many complaints” they had received.

Kim Mendham, chair of the parish council, said: “In recent years, we received complaints from residents who could not access their properties and this resulted in a consultation regarding double yellow lines on residential streets.

“While some properties accepted the proposal, others declined and this resulted in further conflict as the issues of parking were moved to the front of other properties.

“This has then resulted in significant car parking moving from the road to the to the village green, which is parish property and the by-laws state very clearly that you cannot park on this recreational facility.”

The authority said a resident had recently taken action themselves and placed cones and tape around the green without the permission of the parish.

“In short, any attempt to remove parking from one area, has caused an issue in another,” the chair added.

“As a result of this illegal parking, we had further confrontations between residents.

“As the village green is the property of the parish, we have a responsibility to maintain the upkeep.

“It cannot, and will not be used as parking. Due to people ignoring our pleas to not park on the village green, the council arranged for the natural, local stones to be placed on the green, this is to avoid having to place unnatural and environmentally unsustainable posts along the boundary.

“These boulders are also in keeping with existing markers on the other side of the road, which have been there without complaint for several years.

“They are also of a similar stone to the church and so in keeping with the cosmetic appearance of the village.”

The authority said car parking could not take priority over the safety of village green users, nor can it be the priority of the parish council.

The chair added: “We do not have land suitable for a car park within Hipswell village, and we do not plan to become a landlord for a car park.

“In 2017, the parish council created a number of parking spaces down St Johns’ Road on a disused garage site to help alleviate some of the parking issues.

“Car parks within Richmondshire are maintained by the District Council and have relayed concerns about availability of parking to the relevant authority and will continue to do so.”

The parish council pointed out that in 2013 the Burial Board created a parking area for several cars in Hall Lane for visitors to Hipswell Cemetery.

“Over lockdown we received further complaints about residents parking in the graveyard car park, meaning that mourners could not park for funerals or to tend to graves. This caused significant upset and distress,” the chair added.

“We have also been disappointed by some of the personal attacks made by residents. We understand your frustration, but we hope that in the future everyone can act in a sensible and less inflammatory manner.

“The parish council is a democratically elected group of local residents who always try to act in the best interests of both Hipswell Village and Hipswell West.”

“The green can now be used by all residents for its intended purpose, which is a green space for recreation. It is not and will never be a car park. In this climate emergency we all need to consider our own actions.

“As a parish, we are proud to ensure our green spaces for generations to come.”

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  1. Looking at the state of that road….money would have been well spent on surfacing and line painting.

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