Action to tackle anti-social behaviour at Richmond falls declared a success

File pic of the falls at Richmond. Photo: Paul Harrop.

Action to reduce anti-social behaviour at the Falls in Richmond has been declared a success by council officials.

The district council implemented an action-plan at the falls and Batts area of the town over the Bank Holiday weekend to prevent anti-social gatherings.

The beauty spots have seen large gatherings during previous weekends during the lockdown which concerned local residents.

The action plan featured road and car park closures, stewarding at key access points and traffic enforcement.

District Council officers and extra police were also on duty.

And drugs and alcohol were banned from the area for the whole weekend.

The council’s Visit Richmondshire Safely campaign also used a digital display van over the weekend.

Councillor Helen Grant, community safety lead for the authority, said: “We have had very positive feedback from residents and visitors who felt safer and better able to enjoy these facilities as a result of the measures we put in place.

“We are also working on a proposal to apply for a public spaces protection order for the falls and the Batts – if implemented, this will be another weapon in our armoury to prevent anti-social gatherings in the future.”

Local people still have time to have a say on this order here by September 7.

Subject to feedback from the consultation exercise, it is hoped the order will be in place this autumn.

The district council has installed extra cameras to monitor the area and says it is working with its county council counterparts on enhanced parking enforcement in the area.

A multi-agency task group – made up of representatives from Richmondshire District Council, North Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire County Council and councillors from both the district and county council – was set up to tackle the issues after the two May bank holidays resulted in mass gatherings of young people at the riverside beauty spot.

They left behind them mounds of litter, legal high canisters, waste and barbecues, as well as causing disturbance to local people.


  1. Success??
    This has been happening at the falls for years with no intervention, If it wasn’t for the public outcry and local residents complaining (on social media) you wouldn’t have bothered! Also it took weeks to implement your plan to tackle antisocial behaviour.
    the council have once again shown incompetence, we should be instead applauding the young people that actually went out of there way and disposed of the rubbish that was left behind each time it happened.
    Success 😂please behave 👏

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