Activists climb on Rishi Sunak’s constituency home in protest at oil licences

Activists drape black fabric over Rishi Sunak's North Yorkshire home. Photo: Greenpeace.
Activists have climbed on the roof of Rishi Sunak’s North Yorkshire home in protest at the Government granting new oil and gas licences.


  1. What sort of people are these that think they can climb up and walk about on top of a private property just because they don’t like something.

    They need taking of the streets and putting behind bars.

    Let’s hope the police look at it this way or will they just smack there wrist.

  2. Perhaps the perpetrators of this invasion of Domestic Privacy be identified and theirs or their Parents domestic properties be draped with Green Fabric overnight so they can enjoy the experience and inconvenience this type of action causes to the incumbents and local neighbourhood?

  3. The Government is using Putin as a smoke screen – FACT we only get 4% of our oil from Russia the rest comes from Norway. The Country that had the sense to take full ownership of their oil fields at the beginning making them one of the richest counties per capita in the World. We sold of ours to the USA and others for short term gain. Thats why were in the mess we are in.

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