Afternoon tea to raise money for Colburn boy with tumour

Jack Weaver, 9, from Colburn, has been diagnosed with a tumour.

An afternoon tea will take place today to raise money for a little boy diagnosed with a tumour.

Jack Weaver, 9, from Colburn, has a tumour in his spinal cord.

The tumour causes him nerve pains and difficulty walking at times and irreparable damage done to his left arm which limits the use of the limb.

An appeal has been launched to raise £5,000 to support Jack during and after he has treatment at Newcastle RVI.

Doctors are not able to operate due to the location of the tumour but they can offer radiotherapy in an attempt to stop the tumour growing and Jack will be commencing this shortly at Newcastle RVI.

Mum Vicky adds: “He will be attending preparation appointments for further scans/physio and when treatment starts he will need to go there daily for about 5-6 weeks.

“There could be side effects along the way but until we start this journey we will not know to what extent or if he will require some surgical procedures also.

“We are all optimistic and hopeful for a good outcome for Jack! He is mostly remaining cheerful and loves all of the staff at the RVI.

“We are raising funds to help alleviate the extra financial worries that occur as a result of daily travel/parking at the RVI and to give Jack (and his older brother) special treats/days out to help take their mind off things.”

So far more than £1,700 has already been pledged.

A donation from will also go to RVI and  children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent.

A tea will take place at Colburn Village Hall today from 12pm to 4pm.

There will be an auction and raffle.

For more details on the tea click here.

To donate to the fund click here.