Amey to continue management of military housing following Carillion collapse

Amey says it will continue to manage military housing in Catterick Garrison and elsewhere following the collapse of Carillion.

Amey was working in a joint ventures with Carillion to look after the Ministry of Defence housing through the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).

This company was called CarillionAmey.

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Amey said last night it would now take over the management on its own now that Carillion has entered liquidation with huge debts.

The company said in a statement: “The terms of the joint ventures’ arrangements mean that Amey will continue the services now that Carillion has announced it is entering into immediate compulsory liquidation.

“Amey is committed to doing this and ensuring continuity of service to the DIO and MOD and the service men and women in the UK.

For the past few weeks, Amey has been working on detailed contingency plans with the DIO and the Cabinet Office to ensure it can effectively continue to manage the contracts and these are being implemented today.

“Amey confirms it is fully prepared to continue the service obligation of the contracts without adverse effect on the employees of the joint ventures or the supply chain.”

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  1. The MOD had a very good service from a previous company, but Carillion was cutting cost and taking all contracts from the government , cheap is not all the time the best. How Carillion was going to perform not body properly looked into it. carillion merged with amey in order to get MOD contract. all very fishy. Some one should be responsible.

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