Angelic children tell the story of Jesus, the stable boy and the mouse

A heavenly host from Hawes primary school

By Betsy Everett

Children of Hawes primary school look angelic as they rehearse for their Christmas nativity play with a twist.

Prickly Hay tells the traditional story of the birth of Jesus, but from the point of view of a stable boy – and a mouse. They are in the stable witnessing the birth, but in place of the meek and mild holy infant of the Christmas carol, this one won’t stop crying.

The stable boy and his tiny companion work out what the problem is: the hay in the manger is too prickly and between them they find softer bedding for the manager and order is restored.
The story continues after the adverts. . . 

Head teacher Hanna [Hanna] Vasey said she felt it was “vital” the children learn about the true meaning of Christmas through the nativity play, albeit from a new perspective.

“We believe that dressing up as wise men, angels, or shepherds is a rite of passage for our children at this time of year, and a it’s a really important memory to cherish. Children should enjoy a real ‘childhood’ and we encourage this by helping create these very special memories.”

Both performances were well-attended by friends and families.