Anger over police’s decision not to manage traffic at Richmond’s Remembrance Day Parade

The Remembrance Parade in Richmond in 2021. Photo: Richmond Town Council.

Richmond Town Council is to write to MP Rishi Sunak and the North Yorkshire’s police commissioner in protest at a decision by North Yorkshire Police not to manage traffic at its annual Remembrance Day Parade.

The council received a letter last month to inform it that the force would no longer be managing the traffic during the road closures at the large event with immediate effect.

The decision means the cost of employing a traffic management company, which is a legal requirement, would have to be paid in future by the town council.

The council said in a statement after discussing the issue at its July meeting: “Richmond’s annual Remembrance Day Parade is a large and important event and very well supported and appreciated by the community, supported by our strong links to the nearby garrison at Catterick.

“The discussion and vote at the full council meeting agreed that the parade should go ahead, with the cost being taken from taxpayers’ reserve.

“The parade is a vital annual event and it is important that we as a community pay our respects to those who gave their lives in all conflicts.

“It was also agreed  that letters should be sent to Rishi Sunak MP, the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police and also to the Police and Crime Commissioner to protest at this change and also the lack of notice.

“Our budget is set in January of each year and there was no allocation for this cost.”

Defending the decision to stop managing traffic at parades, North Yorkshire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Elliot Foskett said last month that it was a “difficult but lawful decision” to stop providing traffic management support to 32 smaller Remembrance Day events in North Yorkshire and the City of York.

The officer said that under the Traffic Management Act 2004, which placed the responsibility on the local authority and event organisers, the larger Remembrance Day events in the area had employed traffic management companies to ensure public safety.

He added: “However, for many years, North Yorkshire Police has continued to provide a traffic management function to the smaller Remembrance Day events.

“In line with the legislation, the National Police Chiefs’ Council and the College of Policing have stressed that policing should not take responsibility for closing roads or managing traffic, other than in an emergency.

“This is to make sure police resources remain focused on tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.”


  1. And people wonder why there is an increasing number of folk who have no respect for the police, this is outrageous and disgusting and North Yorkshire police should be totally ashamed by this decision. I remember when police worked with the community and the community worked with the police, the eyes and ears they said and that communities are a vital part of local policing. Well the eyes and ears may just turn the other cheek with decisions like this. This is outrageous and as a veteran who attends these magnificent turnouts of many other veterans who served their country and who come together to remember the fallen who sacrificed everything to make this world we live in a better place for all.
    Who ever has made this decision wants to hang their head in shame this is like sticking two fingers up at veterans with not one bit of respect for those who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

  2. The Police claim that they will target crime with the resources saved…what a hoot!

    Senior Officers have no idea of the issues facing communities and decisions like this will only confirm that.

    I have asked for £1,000 from my Locality Budget to help the Town Council with the costs of hosting the Remembrance Day Service and Parade. This will help them manage their very tight finances until the set their next precept.

    The decision by the Police is typical. No concern for how things will happen in this financial year and years going forward and yet they are happy to take money from us all. This was one way that the Police could be seen serving the Community but they have decided yet again that the Community doesn’t matter.

  3. North Yorkshire Police can’t be bothered to guard Rishi Sunak’s house so I’m not surprises by their lack of support for this event

  4. The organizers of the event should pay! If no crime is being committed why should the police be involved? Couldn’t the military police do it?

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