Anglers pick litter beside Swale in Richmond

A team of anglers from Richmond and District Angling Society spent Sunday morning picking up litter from the Batts and Station Bend in Richmond.

Six bags of litter were collected by anglers, using equipment supplied by the Angling Trust.

Rubbish collected included bottles, cans and assorted plastics, as well as clothing.

Steve Plumb, from the society, said litter pollution presented a major threat to our waterways.

“Plastic does not biodegrade, instead breaking down into smaller pieces that remain in the environment. Fish and other aquatic animals may mistake these small plastic particles for food, eat it and then plastic enters our food chain.

“With other forms of litter pollution, animals can easily become entangled or injure themselves, sadly resulting in death in some cases.

“Litter picks such as these are being undertaken by anglers on a regular basis across the country to help tackle this environmental issue.”

The next litter pick by Richmond anglers will take place in the spring.

Richmond and District Angling Society is a long established fishing club, offering both coarse and fly fishing.

For more information or to get involved, visit the club website at

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  1. Litter-picks wouldn’t be necessary if there weren’t so many anti-social folk dropping litter.
    At least the time the anglers spent picking litter up was time they weren’t spending harming fish.

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