Anonymous letters sent to residents of Dales village branded as “totally unacceptable;”

Anonymous letters put through letterboxes in a Dales village have been described as “totally unacceptable”.

Several residents of Gayle, near Hawes, have received the letters claiming they have broken lockdown rules.

One was put through the letterbox of an elderly resident who lives in a flat on her own.

Another was posted to a local family.

The letters brand the householders as “idiots” or “stupid” for leaving their home.

Both state: “What part of stay at home do you not understand.”

Local residents believe they are being sent by the same person.


Abbie Rhodes, manager of Hawes Community Office, is angry after her elderly mother-in-law received a letter.

She added: “We should all be pulling together and looking out for each other, not hiding.

“There are lots of truly wonderful people here where we live who are doing great things helping their neighbours.

“No one likes bullies, and we certainly won’t put up with it. What kind of coward intimidates people living alone who are already frightened and vulnerable? Shame on you.”

Cllr Jill McMullon is chair of Hawes and High Abbotside Parish Council and the district councillor for High Abbotside and Upper Swaledale.

She said it was “extremely disappointing” that anonymous letters had been put through some doors in Gayle.

“It is particularly disappointing particularly as some are elderly residents who have followed the Government guidelines and are naturally upset to be targeted.

“Whoever has done this is frankly a coward at best and a bully at worst.

“When such wonderful community spirit has been so evident, this is upsetting and totally unacceptable.”


  1. We can do without this. We should all be looking out for each other and supporting each other, not snitching anonymously when we don’t know all the facts. This virus has brought out the best and the worst in people.

  2. The writing looks very similar to the rude and unrepeatable remarks daubed on Rishi Sunaks Conservative posters last year. They were placed alongside the A684,the ones I saw were between West Witton and West Burton turnoff. I was told they were also defaced in the same way up to Hawes.

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