Anti-racism protest to take place in Richmond

The protest will take place at the Obelisk in Richmond.

An anti-racism protest will be held in Richmond on Sunday.

Organisers say the event at 1pm at the Obelisk will last 30 minutes.

It will include two speakers and a nine-minute silent kneel before ending on a reflective poem.

The rally is part of the global Black Lives Matter movement, sparked by the killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died after a police officer knelt on his neck in Minneapolis last month.

The protest is organised by the newly-formed group Anti-Racism in Richmondshire.

Organisers have asked that masks are worn at all times and they are encourage attendees to bring hand sanitiser, as well as signs.

The group says marshals will be at at the event to enforce social distancing measures and, if needed, remove anyone who tries to cause disruption.

They say local police have also been notified of the event.

The group describes the protest as “an opportunity to express your frustration with the injustice that is within our UK systems, and show that we will not be silenced by the prejudices also held by some within our Dales communities”.

A spokesperson added: This protest is not about us, it is about raising up voices of people of colour and making it known that there are so many of us who welcome them despite a few vocal racists amongst our dales communities.

“We stand in solidarity with them.”

For more details on the event click here.

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  1. Can only end badly and if the organisers feel they are right to do this so soon after the events of last weekend they are misguided. I have no problem with their aims but fear the event will be hi jacked by the same kind of mentality they oppose. I hope common sense prevails and they do not go ahead, if they do I hope my expressed fears do not come about.

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