Appeal for motorist to stop beeping in Dales village at 4am

Redmire. Photo: Cacolantern/Wikipedia.

A villager has appealed to an unknown motorist to stop beeping their horn at 4am.

The elderly resident of Redmire in Wensleydale says he has been woken up every morning for weeks by the driver.

The man, who asked not to be named, said the driver toots while passing through the village heading up the dale towards Carperby.

The problem has got so bad that the resident has contacted the police, although they said there was little they could do.

The villager, who has resorted to wearing ear plugs in an attempt to block out the beeping, said: “It’s every morning just after 4am that I’m woken up.

“They stopped for a few months but they’ve started again.

“I stayed up once to see if I could see get their number plate but it wasn’t clear enough, but I could see they were travelling up the Dale.”

The resident said he had asked several of his neighbours if they had heard the beeping but they hadn’t.

“My bedroom is that the front of the house and I think most others are at the back so maybe that’s why,” the resident said.

The man said the motorist only beeps on weekdays and he believes they are either going to or coming back from work.

“I don’t want them prosecuted through the law — I just want them to stop,” he added.


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  1. Too many selfish and inconsiderate people in the Dales. Common sense would say most people are still in bed at that time but common sense is lacking too in many. It’s the same with late revellers in the Town

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