Appeal for Skeeby dog owners to pick up after their pet

Lynda Dickinson with Sarah Jones and the poo bags.

Two Skeeby residents have urged dog owners to pick up after their pet after a clean up operation in the village.

Lynda Dickinson and Sarah Jones bagged 67 deposits of dog poo last Monday.

The waste was collected over a short distance at the start of a popular walk in Olliver Lane, Skeeby.

Lynda said they left the bags for a week in the hope of drawing the problem to the attention of fellow dog-walkers.

They then collected the blue bags and deposited in a black bin bag by the dog waste bin at the west end of the village.

Lynda said that not all dog owners had taken the hint.

She added: “We and several other villagers including dog walkers are disgusted that a lovely local walk is being spoilt by dog waste.

“Not only is it a health hazard, it causes walkers to constantly have to look where they are walking instead of enjoying our beautiful scenery.”

She added: “Toddlers to over 80-year-olds enjoy this walk as do cyclists.

“As dog owners, Sarah and I feel it is our duty to clean up after our dogs and that every dog owner should be responsible.”