Application for Wensleydale camping park withdrawn

11 glamping cabins would be installed on the site between Middleham and East Witton.

Plans for a glamping site on the banks of the River Ure have been withdrawn

A planning application for 11 cabins to be erected on fields between Middleham and East Witton was submitted to Richmondshire District Council.

The site was to be called Wensleydale Wigwam.

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However, the council has now been advised that the applicants wish to withdraw the application.

The decision follows a number of objections from local residents about the park.

According to public documents, 12 public comments were received.

Of which eight opposed the scheme.

One comment said: “I am concerned about the impact this will have on one of the most beautiful Dales in Yorkshire. Indeed, the country. It is such an unspoilt stretch of the river, enjoyed by walkers, visitors and people such as myself who have lived in and painted the North Yorkshire landscape for over 40 years. ”

Another added: “I have recently become aware of this planning application and, as a new resident of this part of Wensleydale, have grave concerns about the impact such a tourist development, and others that might follow, will potentially have on the local landscape and wild life habitats that we, as residents and guardians, are obliged and honoured to conserve.”

The applicants had said that while there were several camping sites in the area, there was currently very little provision for glamping – “a phenomenon that is rapidly growing in popularity”.

Documents submitted with the plans state: “The proposal is a response to a need to diversify and utilise the land for the benefit of eco-tourism.

“There is an existing farm building on site which is derelict and requires a change of use and regeneration.

“This family run, sustainable camp site comprised of eleven timber cabins will attract campers to existing walking trails and natural viewing areas forming part of the experience along with access to the nearby tourist attractions and horse racing.”

A number of people gave their support to the plans, including Sir Gary Verity, from Welcome to Yorkshire.

He said: “Welcome to Yorkshire has the responsibility to market the county’s tourism industry for the sole purpose of economic well being and depends on high quality tourism products such as this proposal to aid its success.

“For this reason, we are delighted to offer this proposal our full support.”