Architectural designers use virtual reality to improve service to customers

JohnsonClark is using technology which until recently has been the preserve of the gaming industry.

A Richmondshire company specialising in building surveys and architectural services is harnessing the power of virtual reality (VR) to help its customers visualise the designs.

JohnsonClark is using technology which until recently has been the preserve of the gaming industry to provide a new service to residential and commercial clients.

Wearing a VR headset and holding a controller in each hand, the customer can enter a highly-detailed 3D world and immerse themselves in the designs drawn-up by JohnsonClark staff.

The company is already offering the service to its clients, with those who commission anything from a small extension to a large commercial building or housing estate able to use the technology to get a better understanding of what is being proposed.

Stephen Clark, a partner in the business, said it was proving extremely popular as it gave customers a much better idea of what was being planned before a single brick had been laid.

“As part of our commitment to providing the best service, we are always looking to refine and improve.

“This includes taking advantage of technology and innovation, like our latest VR experience which takes our 3D visuals a step further, allowing clients to move around their new extension as part of the design stage or on new developments where a purchaser can experience the completed site with mature planting and even pick the weather!

“This new service is a progression of our existing process which clients can take advantage of to better understand the proposal for themselves or to help them present the idea to prospective purchasers and investors.”

JohnsonClark has been in business for the last five years and is now based at the offices at Harelands Courtyard Offices, near Melsonby, which it drew up the plans for.

Stephen added: “It is our shared vision to establish JohnsonClark as a leading provider of building surveys and architectural services across Richmondshire.

“Our highly skilled team bring enthusiasm, professionalism, and over 70 years of industry experience to each new instruction with a track record of understanding our clients’ needs and delivering an outstanding service.

“Since our launch in 2018 we have seen steady and sustainable growth across the business, helping to establish JohnsonClark as a recognised and reliable name.”