Armed police hunt wanted man in Richmond

Armed police were deployed to catch a man thought to be in Richmond this evening.

Residents of Bargate reported seeing firearms officers and dog units. The road was also cordoned off.

North Yorkshire Police confirmed there had been an operation in the area of the town

A spokesperson for said: “Information was received to suggest a wanted male was staying at a property in the area.

“Specially trained firearms officers and local officers attended the address in question to conduct arrest enquiries.

“Unfortunately the male was not located.”

Police said it was an isolated and “nothing for you to (be) concerned about”.

“Local officers will be in the area for the rest of the evening to provide some reassurance and address any concerns.

“Although at this time we cannot pass further information about this specific incident, we rely on information from our local communities and act on this information to try and bring offenders to justice.

“Should you need to report any intelligence to the police please do so on 101, through the North Yorkshire Police website or anonymously through Crime Stoppers.”

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  1. I’m sure I’d be concerned if I was in the address location if armed response turned up, it’s ok saying there’s nothing for the public to be concerned about but firearms officers don’t turn up for nothing. And if they are searching for a wanted man in that type of response I’m sure I’d be wanting to know who he is so the public could report it asap. The public are the eyes and ears and in my opinion the suspect should be pictured and named for hopefully a swift arrest.

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