Army says loud noises were from battle simulation

The Army at Catterick Garrison says loud noises that caused concern among residents on Sunday morning were from a battle simulation exercise.

A number of people took to social media on Sunday morning to say the noises coming from the ranges were louder than they had ever heard in the area.

Some residents said they had been woken up by the sound of explosions.

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Others said their pets had been left terrified by the noises.

The Army told Richmondshire Today this afternoon that the noise was caused by a battle simulation exercise on Catterick ranges held over the weekend by the 4th Infantry Brigade training team.

The spokesman added: “These exercises are held on a regular basis and are conducted under the most stringent conditions.

“Two weeks notice of the exercise is also given to both Richmondshire District Council and North Yorkshire Police in an effort to make sure the public are made aware of the possibility of noise distance.”

Richmondshire District Council said it was unable to confirm if it received notice of the exercise.


  1. Yes, 8am on a Sunday morning being woken suddenly by cannon fire and automatic type gunfire is not good. I know they need to train but early Sunday morning?????

  2. “Richmondshire District Council said it was unable to confirm if it received notice of the exercise.” must have been too secret for them to pass to the public 🙂

  3. Residents were NOT given notice! The noise was incredibly loud on a Sunday morning. My dog was terrified.

  4. They train regularly yes…usually at least twice a week. But that noise was not the usual banging and gunshot noises. It was like the estate was being blown up. And in a Sunday morning too! Why couldnt they do it through the week instead of a Sunday???

  5. We live on one of the biggest Garrisons in the country, funnily enough you may occasionally hear the soldiers training! Try living near Brize Norton when they test the C17 engines at 3am, 😂

  6. Communication.. In a world where terrorism is an increasing threat and we are all being encouraged to be more vigilant and report concerns… Is it really acceptable to generate such noise without robust and thorough communication to ALL residents of the surrounding area… I think not and I think a responsible Army should improve on this in the future.

  7. My dog was found buried under pillows on my bed shaking panting and eyes wild. Sunday not the right day and I certainly have never heard a noise from the camp like it. I dad wonder whether there had been an attack on the camp.

  8. Snowflakes. If owners don’t make a fuss Dogs could get used to the bangs, Mine has learnt to live with it while not liking one bit. One Sunday a few times a year is not too bad.

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