Artist and poet launches card business using upcycled material

A local artist and poet has turned her hobby of making hand-made cards into a business.

Having previously had success selling large paintings with her poetry written on the canvas, Katrina Palmer decided to try making cards with her poetry printed on the back.

She said: “I had almost given away my art materials because I found painting to be too messy and difficult but after recovering from covid two years ago, I was overwhelmed by the need to do something creative and so decide to try my hand making cards.”

The cards are made by piecing together multiple shapes cut our from different materials including coloured paper and card but also from may upcycled materials such as wallpaper, books, calendars and even crossword books.

The designs are inspired by the images of the poetry Katrina has written over the years around the themes of nature, the seasons, love and friendship.

Having had some initial positive reactions from friends and family and some initial success selling in galleries, craft fairs and at the indoor market, Katrina has decided to launch her own business.

Katrina has launched a website and has a place at the Richmond artisan craft fairs run in the town hall every month/

“I had the name Art and Rhyme for several years as cogent way to describe the mix of poetry and my art and now I am really pleased it has all come together.”

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Katrina can also be found at the Richmond artisan craft fairs in Richmond town hall on May 7, June 11, July 9, September 3 and November 19.

A selection of her cards are also for sale in Meynells pet shop and Wilfreds Canteen.