Artists raise money to help victims of Australia bushfires

TV images of the bush fires in Australia.

Artists in Richmondshire are raising money to help victims of the bush fires which are currently ravaging parts of Australia.

Hawes pencil artist Stacey Moore will tonight auction off an image she has drawn of a koala.

All money will go to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund.

Stacey said: “Like many others I have been left shocked and saddened by the devastating fires in Australia.

“It is totally heart breaking to see the photos everyday and hear that one billion animals have lost their lives.”

To take part in the auction visit her Facebook page.

It will take place from 8pm on Thursday.

Stacey Moore’s koala image which will be auctioned off.

Tattoo artists Biffa Sutherland, based at Crabtree Business Park, near Hackforth, and Dan Reid-Young, from Twisted Arts, at Skeeby, are also raising money to help the relief effort.

This Sunday the artists are charging £30 for a simple kangaroo

The kangaroo design which will be used for the tattoos.



All money raised will go to help the relief work.

For more details click here

Or you can contact the tattoo students via their Facebook pages here for Biffa Sutherland and here for Twisted Arts.

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  1. Thank you. My daughter’s farm was saved from the mega NSW fire earlier this week and her partner is out fighting fires tonight. It is an horrific situation and your help will be greatly appreciated. I was born in Hudswell and lived in a Richmond. Visited in a July during your heatwave – would you like our current heatwave in exchange for some rain? 44 degrees tomorrow lol

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