Askrigg will rock to the sound of samba

The sound of samba - samba drums were part of an outdoor service at St Oswald's Church, Askrigg.

By Betsy Everett

A samba drumming workshop is set to bridge the gap between a Wensleydale village and the heat of the Brazilian streets at Carnival time.

Young and old, talented musicians and those who have no musical aptitude at all, are invited to take part in a day of drumming and shaking, foot-tapping and movement, in Askrigg village hall on Saturday, March 3.

“You honestly can be a complete beginner and yet achieve something amazing by the end of the day, as well as having a good time,” says one of the organisers, Amanda Killip.
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The idea for the day, which may lead to a permanent band being set up in the Dales, came when Amanda and her family met Olwyn and Nigel Chorley of Thornton Rust at the annual Musicport world music festival in Whitby in October.

Runaway Samba, a group from Crook, County Durham were performing, and held a two-hour workshop which Olwyn and Amanda attended with their families.

“It was great fun and although the workshop lasted for such a short time we felt we had really achieved something by the end and we were able to perform a sequence of rhythms, “ said Olwyn, who has always been fascinated by the loud, rhythmic beat of the drums.

“We really hope that the workshop in Askrigg will stir up enough interest and enthusiasm to allow us to form a Dales Samba Band and, who knows, with enough practice, we may be able to perform at a few local events.

“Charlotte Harper, executive head of Askrigg primary school, has kindly said we can borrow a set of  samba drums from the school, but we do intend to apply for funding to buy our own instruments eventually,” she added.

Samba music is believed to originate in Africa and is now a quintessential part of the Brazilian carnival festival. A band consists mainly of drums of varying types and sizes, and small percussion instruments.

“The rhythms are energetic, loud and exciting, making it difficult not to want to join in and there should be an instrument to suit everyone’s taste, physical build and capability. We hope everyone will have chance to handle a number of instruments on the day,” said Olwyn.

Colin Bailey’s BlueBoxt Productions and Runaway Samba are hosting the day which will run from 10.45am to 4.30pm and end with a brief performance. Participants will need to bring a packed lunch and light refreshments will be available throughout the day. The day will be suitable for children age nine upwards and adults of any age. The cost is £5 for children and £10 for adults. To book call 01969 650984 or search for BlueBoxt Productions Box Office on the web.