Avenue of trees planned for approach to Bolton Hall

Bolton Hall. Photo: Stephen Richards.

Plans have been submitted to create a new approach to Bolton Hall featuring a drive and avenue of trees that would create the access used in the 17th century.

The work would see a drive created from the hall to Lord’s Bridge which spans the River Ure.

The track would feature an avenue of trees and a ‘carriage sweep’ in front of the hall.

A planning application for the work has been submitted to Richmondshire District Council.

The application has been submitted by hall owners Tom and Katie Orde-Powlett.

Documents submitted with the proposal state: “The applicant intends to rejuvenate the existing parkland in front of Bolton Hall by creating a new avenue from Bolton Hall to Lord’s Bridge.

“This will involve converting a corridor of intensive dairy grassland to low intensity, species rich grassland and
creation of a new avenue of trees.

“Planning permission is sought to lay a drive down the centre of this corridor, recreating the access arrangements of the 17th and 18th centuries.

“This will tie in with existing access over Lord’s Bridge and terminate with a carriage sweep in front of Bolton Hall.”

Further details given in the application state that eminent garden historian, Val Hepworth, is heling with the scheme.

The documents add: “The idea is to reinstate the axial approach of the 17th and 18th centuries and restore the link between the hall and the River Ure.

“The original avenue is clearly recorded on historic plans with a remarkable sightline that ran north-south from one ridge of the valley to the other through the centre of the house and the Lord’s Bridge.

“The whole landscape was organized along these north-south lines, running perpendicular to the grand east-west valley.

“Few baroque landscapes on this scale survive and it would be wonderful to reinstate the focal design that follows the earlier field patterns so simply and clearly.”

They continue: “Not only would the replanting of the avenue reinstate the historic landscape and the principal view from the hall, it would have significant environmental and biodiversity benefits.”

The new road will be built of tarmac.

The application states that Bolton Hall is predominantly accessed from Wensley rather than over the existing track across Lord’s Bridge.

It adds that most traffic will continue to use the Wensley access when the new drive is built.

To view the application, click here.