Award-winning artist to exhibit at Aysgarth gallery

Where the Wind Blows.

Yore Mill Gallery at Aysgarth Falls will host an exhibition of Liz Salter’s paintings from September 1 through to the end of October.

A career in theatre design was followed by teaching textiles and embroidery at colleges in Yorkshire before Liz took up painting full time and gained an MA in fine art at the University of Leeds.

Liz exhibits widely in Britain and Ireland, and has previously been named the South Yorkshire Artist of the Year.

Stephen Smith, from the Yore Mill Gallery, said: “Liz’s paintings are lively and energetic evocations of the many moods of our wild hills and terrain. Her inspiration comes from walking and exploring wild and rugged landscape.

“Always looking, she often stops and draws, seeking to convey the feel of the place, the changeable weather and winds as well as the smell of the earth. She is attracted to the energy and wildness of the landscape and to the sense of its history and past being ever present.

“The paintings are made in her studio. She studies her sketchbooks looking for the drawings that speak of the experience. Then the adventure begins, exploring possibilities much as she explored new terrain. Images are built up on paper maybe using collage, liquid graphite, or ink. Layers of thin and thick acrylic paint are intermingled with line.”

Liz added: “I feel that my paintings are optimistic and show my deep appreciation of the landscape, and a profound respect for nature.

“I hope they convey a sense of the living, breathing landscape.”