Award-winning film shot in Colburn to get Leicester Square screening

A screenshot from Give Them Wings.

An award-winning film partly shot in Colburn will be screened in Leicester Square later this month.

Give Them Wings celebrates the life of disabled Darlington FC fan Paul Hodgson and is an adaptation of his award-winning novel Flipper’s Side.

The film stars newcomer Daniel Watson as Paul , as well as music legend Toyah Willcox and Downton Abbey star Bill Fellows.

The film was directed by Sean Cronin, who has appeared in films such as Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and the James Bond trilogy, and was produced by Ian Carter, who is originally from Colburn and is a life-long friend of Paul’s.

It was filmed in Colburn, as well as Darlington and Bishop Auckland.

Paul was diagnosed with childhood meningitis aged just ten months and his parents were told he would never move or speak.

He is now 55 and has survived to become an award-winning novelist, film producer and screenwriter.

The film, set in a much less tolerant 1989, tells the story of Paul’s heart-breaking journey to acceptance.

Ian said: “A large part of the feature was filmed in Sutton Avenue, Colburn. in what was then my family home and we are incredibly grateful of the support we received by neighbours and the Colburn community.”

He added: “The determination shown by Paul to get this film over the line is encapsulated in the film; it is an emotional rollercoaster with timely injections of humour.”

Give Them Wings has already won Best independent Feature at the London Independent Film Festival (LIFF) and Best British Feature at the London Independent Film Awards (LIFA).

Cast and crew with Paul Hodgson at the Darlington premiere.

The film premiered in Darlington at the weekend and will be screened at Vue West End in Leicester Square on July 28.

It will then be screened at the Station Cinema in Richmond next months, with dates still to be announced.