Aysgarth Garage identified as good location for new post office

Aysgarth Garage. Photo; Pip Pointon.

Aysgarth Garage shop would be a good place to have a post office, it was agreed at the last meeting of Aysgarth and District Parish Council.

Owner Steve Jack explained that he had submitted an expression of interest to the Post Office given that Thoralby Post office would be closing.

He said: “I want to expand the retail business and  a post office would be very good for that.” He added that they would employ an extra staff member to run the post office.

The parish councillors pointed out that residents in villages such as West Burton, Thoralby,  Aysgarth, and  Carperby  now have to go travel 12 miles to either Hawes or Leyburn for post offices.

The parish council asked the clerk to contact the Post Office again stating that it supported  Mr Jack’s application. The clerk was  also requested to contact Burton-cum-Walden and Carperby-cum-Thoresby Parish Councils to ask them to consider giving support.

Bishopdale Bridge. – North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne Peacock distributed plans for to potential options for solving the problems at Bishopdale Bridge. The options are to realign the road or to construct a new bridge.

The parish council agreed that the realignment of the road was the more financially viable option. Cllr Peacock said she would approach the county council’s executive committee.

Speed limit. –  The county council highways department had responded as follows to a request for a 20mph limit along Dyke Hollins Lane by Aysgarth surgery:

“When giving consideration to a request for a new or amended Speed Limit at a given location, careful reference is made to various criteria established by the Department for Transport which need to be met in order to justify a particular Speed Limit.

“In the case of a 20 mph speed limit, there must be a certain level of development in depth in terms of houses, premises and accesses adjacent to the road in order that motorists can appreciate why the limit has been introduced. Re this particular section of road which passes through open countryside, the criteria necessary to justify the introduction of a 20 mph speed limit are not met.

“Whilst the prevailing speed limit is ‘National’, the characteristics of the road are, however, such that the speed of a  ‘reasonable’  motorist is naturally restricted to an appropriate level.  Whilst it is accepted that certain motorists may choose to drive at a speed which is considered by others to be inappropriate, it is likely that the same motorists would still choose to drive at the same speed even if a lesser limit was posted as there would be little opportunity for it be enforced.”

Falls car park. – The highways department reported that the tarmac at the entrance to the Falls Motel, Aysgarth, had been inspected in January. It reported  that as the defect was not within the highway but was within the apron of the access to the car park, the responsibility for repairs lay with the landowner.

As the parish council disagreed with this Cllr Peacock said she would discuss the issue with the highways department.

Councillors reported that there potholes at Aysgarth, a blocked drain near Aysgarth Surgery and several blocked drains in Bishopdale.

Defibrillator. – Cllr John Dinsdale reported that the floor of the cabinet of the defibrillator at Thornton Rust which was damaged during the storm power outage had now been repaired. The defibrillator had, therefore, been placed back in the cabinet and was ready to use.

Planning. – The parish council discussed a historic planning application for a temporary chalet for a gamekeeper at the bottom of Kidstones whilst two houses were built. The houses have not been built and the chalet has not been taken down. The clerk was asked to report this to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA).

She was also asked to inform the YDNPA that the parish council supported the conversion of two barns for local occupancy or holiday accommodation at Kidstones in Bishopdale as the applicant wished to diversify so as to keep his farm viable.

Rock Garden. – Cllr Dinsdale reported that the pond in the Rock Garden at Aysgarth had been emptied and, once it was dry, tanking paint would be applied. It had been confirmed that the leak was due to the deterioration of the tanking paint. This had led to an increase in the water bill and the clerk will find out if any assistance was available.

The parish council thanked Cllr Peacock for the grant of £500 from the Locality Budget towards improvement works at the Rock Garden.

Next meeting. – Is at Aysgarth Institute at 7.30pm on Thursday March 31

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  1. I suggested to Mr Jack there was an opportunity for a post office, parcel drop off pint and Waitrose delivery point over three years ago!

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