Bainbridge Bash is right on target with new goalposts for village green

James Peacock with, left to right, Gwen Scarr and Ben, Tommy Scarr, James Peacock junior, Rory Scarr and Angela Peacock.

By Betsy Everett

Small changes make a big difference: with the simple addition of goalposts, the play area on Bainbridge village green has become even more popular with residents and visitors alike.

Mother of three small boys, Gwen Scarr, took the idea to Bainbridge parish council earlier this year and when they approved it in principle the request for funding went to the village’s Millennium Committee.

“We thought there might be a few objections from people living around the green but in fact it’s been a real hit with everyone,” says Gwen. “Even the adults have been seen to have a game of football and it’s been a great attraction for visitors.”
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James Peacock, a member of the 10-member committee which was set up to raise funds for the Millennium celebrations 17 years ago with the Bainbridge Bash, said the event had become an annual event which was going from strength to strength.

The goalposts are the latest in a long list of items that have been purchased to help all aspects of village life.

“When Gwen asked for the money we were only too pleased to give it. It’s such a simple idea but they’ve proved really popular, especially as there are now more children in the village,” he added.

As well as the goalposts the money from the Bash has, over the years, gone to help the play area, the badminton club, the band playing on the village green in the summer, a ’phone line in the Step Up, Step Down facility at Sycamore Hall, and towards a loop system in the village hall, to name a few.

“The Bash is a real attraction for visitors and the idea is that all the money from it helps the village in some way so everybody benefits,” says James. “We don’t make any profit, but just aim to keep a bit in reserve if ever there’s a bad year.”